March 31, 2020

Seder Resources


You can either scan a Haggadah to share with your Seder participants, or use any of these Haggadot available for free download:


Virtual meeting/gathering software:

There is plenty of software available for you to host your virtual Seder, here are some options that support audio and video:

  • Zoom ( is our top pick, based on personal experience. It can support small and large gatherings, and quality is generally stable. However, if you have more than three participants, Zoom’s free service tier only supports 40-minute sessions. Their paid subscription will likely handle your needs though, and given the work-from-home situation many of us face, it’s likely you know someone who already has a Zoom account.
    Note* there have been recent concerns on the security of using Zoom. Additionally, publicly shared Zoom links can get into the wrong hands. We recommend you familiarize yourself with Zoom’s functionality before your Seder, including how to remove someone from your meeting who may not be an intended participant. 
  • Google Hangouts offers free sessions for up to 10 people. You need a Gmail account to create a ‘Hangout’, but anyone can join your Hangout even without a Gmail account. This is a no-frills and easy way to host a virtual Seder, but be aware that you cannot remove a participant from a Hangout after they’ve joined.
  • Skype offers group video chats for up to 50 participants. This also offers a good option to host your virtual Seder if you’re expecting a large number of participants, and everyone already has a Skype account.
  • If you’ve all got iPhones or Macs, you can use Facetime to host a video call with up to 32 people. Android users will miss out on any potential invite though!


If you have any additional resources (or corrections) for this list, please share them at